Secrets by Bruno Faidutti and Eric M. Lang

During the cold war, you’re the head of a spy agency and must recruit the best elements. Find your teammates, fool your enemies, and become the most influential agency. But beware the Hippies, they could very well save the world…

Secrets is a game of hidden teams, bluff, and influence by Bruno Faidutti and Eric M. Lang for 4  to  8 players.

Illustrated by Cari.


Discover Secrets

Secrets is a secret identity game. The action takes place in the 1960s. Players are either members of the CIA or KGB, or Hippies. Team affiliations can sometimes change during the game and must always be kept secret.


Game explanation

On your turn, reveal two Agent cards to all players. Secretly choose one of the cards and offer it to the player of your choice.

Secrets by Bruno Faidutti and Eric M. Lang, illustrated by Cari

In addition to their influence, some Agents will grant you information about who your allies are and others will cause trouble for your enemies. Offer the appropriate Agents to your teammates and trap your enemies. The team with the highest influence total will win the game. But, be careful, if a Hippie has less influence than any other player, they’ll steal the victory.